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Jessica Silva
I always order #13 when I come. This time, I decided to try the spicy cha-cha and the vegan steak salad. Two more favorites! Plus we love their cappuccino and brownie a la mode, plus donuts for dessert. Yum! We feel so peaceful that everything here is created without hurting animals! <3
Christine Michelle Sarracino
My favorite vegan spot in Virginia when we visit family! The spicy pho soup, club sandwich, Oreo cake and donuts are our favorite! The pho soup is the best I've had as a vegan. I crave it a lot when I'm away �
Damien Moody
My partner and I stopped in for lunch and had some of the best food ever. I miss pho cha and their vegan version is awesome. Their desserts are worth a pistol duel. I only wish I lived in town so I could eat there every day.
Kelley Wagner
So lucky we found this restaurant while we were visiting family in Falls Church. We ate in twice and found everything to be excellent; we had plenty of leftovers after each meal too! The cakes are wonderful, peanut butter bombs are so fluffy--like peanut butter clouds!
Kenneth Chambers
The best vegan spot I've ever eaten at during my 9 years of being veg! Real fresh, healthy and delicious Vietnamese food. I really love this place so much. It's actually my favorite restaurant.
Leigh Scheier Park
Loving Hut is amazing! From traditional style pho to a club sandwich the menu is superb. Their desserts are devine and the customer service is wonderful! It is such an enriching experience to be in a cruelty free environment.
Susan Faye Schindler
We love #LovingHut so much, we drove from NJ with intent to eat dinner and pick up an order for family in SC. Thank you for being there for us and doing what you do so well. We only wish there was another Loving Hut closer to us.
Linda De Miller
They have delicious vegan food! My last menu was mango bubble tea and a large bowl of spicy pho noodle soup! Amazing! Can't wait to return!
Christine Coulter
Awesome food and service! Vegan desserts are superb! Carnivores will enjoy also.
Eryn Mann
Delicious food, great service, wish I lived in the area--I would go here all the time!
Amy Long
I can't wait to go back! I had wonton soup and lemongrass tofu.
Constance R.
Montgomery Village, MD
Wow this place is a hidden gem!

I drove here from Gaithersburg, Maryland, tempted by all the positive reviews. I'm vegan and have been missing pho and bubble tea so I wanted to see how Loving Hut checked out. I don't normally eat alone but I enjoyed a nice quiet meal by myself.

This place is tucked behind a 711 but inside is very clean, neat and cosy. Fairly large dining area with tables for 1 to 6 people. When you walk in you'll see the bakery case full of goodies like cakes and donuts.

I started out with the Golden Nuggets. They were crispy and delicious! Based on all the other reviews I had to try the Spicy Noodle Soup (Bun Hue). The broth was really flavorful and they didn't skimp on the protein (some places will only give you like 2 pieces of tofu). Everything came out fast and tasting fresh, and the employees were great about refilling my water.

I then got some Strawberry Bubble Tea to go. It was incredible with lots of chewy bubbles. And I simply couldn't resist taking home some baked goods, which I tried later (3 donuts and 2 cannoli's).

I loved this place and will definitely be back to try more!
Mina C.
Falls Church, VA
SO GOOD. UGH... Honestly, the service REALLY needs some help here.. Especially when it's busy. We came last Saturday (first time dining in) and it was SUPERRRRRRR slow. 15 minutes before someone came to take our order. 20 mins in, we finally got water (that was also lukewarm). After about 35-40 minutes here we finally got our food.

I LOVE the golden vermicelli. Those spring rolls are awesome!! The "protein" is meh for me, but it's definitely not bad. It's just not something I am going to crave. We've also tried the pho and jalapeno tofu dish. The tofu dish had a good kick. The menu is extensive but after having the golden vermicelli once, I have yet to stray. BTW- we aren't vegans but the food was still very good.

PS- I am in LOVe with the pb chocolate cake. So worth it. Just try it, and you won't even believe there are no animal by-products.
Priscilla T.
Gaithersburg, MD
Is the service here worth the hour drive I have to make from the MD burbs? Probably not. BUT are the super yummy vegan food and desserts worth it? ABSOLUTELY!!!! (: (: (:

Really friendly staff but maybe since I came with my family on a busy Friday evening, the staff seemed a little bit disorganized and inattentive to waiting the tables. Our cups of water were empty for quite a while, the waiter got one of our orders mixed up (we ordered one bun hue and one pho but got two bun hues instead - no biggie they fixed it when we told them), no one ever came to check in on us, and when we went to pay the bill our receipt had the wrong price! At least they were all very nice when we did ask them about our needs~

NOW for the food!! For starters, we shared summer rolls and fried wontons. The summer rolls were fresh and the almond hoisin dipping sauce was pretty tasty! The fried wontons were cute and bite sized crispiness.

I ordered the banh mi and lemme just tell you it takes a little while for them to prepare it but IT IS SO WORTH THE WAIT!! The vegan mayo, soft baguette, yummy BBQ soy, fresh and crisp cucumber/cilantro/ die for!!!

We also got a few desserts to go: this huge cinnamon roll topped with caramel and chopped pecans, and a slice of the peanut butter bomb cake. I believe they were each $5.50 (if I remember correctly?). I thought the caramel pecan was way way way too sweet for me, but the peanut butter bomb was THE BOMB!! I feel like you can never go wrong with the peanut butter and chocolate combo but this dessert takes it into a whole other dimension of deliciousness. It's moist chocolate cake with a peanut butter mousse on top and covered with more chocolate, aka a party in your mouth. (:
Zin J.
Washington, DC
Love this Loving Hut. I've been to quite a few Loving Huts across the country and this one is the best by far.

Insider Tip: Make sure you read the specials usually posted on the door. (they never mention them so you have to look yourself) I am still dreaming about the mozzarella cheese sticks I had last weekend. To-die-for. (please put on the regular menu..)

Their Pho is the best I have ever had. Love the sesame eggplant tofu although the tofu dishes portions could be a bit bigger. The fried wontons are delicious crispy goodness. On holidays (Thanksgiving/Christmas) they have the most delicious homemade "turkey". Another highlight is the bubble tea. Also Vegan Treats desserts (best vegan bakery of all time) are sold there. Can't beat that!

Service is lackluster as it seems to be family-run. I just accept it as part of the experience and don't hesitate to get up and ask if I need something. The food is so good, I don't care about the service.
Natasha M.
Alexandria, VA
Amazing vegan meal - desserts blew my mind! The tiramisu cake is so delicious and moist. Golden nuggets, wontons, golden rolls and salad are great starters. The spicy cha cha (fried shrimp) is so flavorful. My carnivore family really enjoyed everything and didn't miss the meat at all. Will definitely be back.
Heather M.
Laurel, MD
Vegan pho?! I don't know how they do it but the pho is legit! When I stopped eating meat, pho was one of the things I missed most. I try to make it at home with veggie broth and add a ton of hoisin and Sriracha but who are we kidding? It's not the same! The broth here though is amazing and they put plenty of faux meat and tofu that actually looked like sliced meat and meatballs! The golden vermicelli with lemongrass was also very good.

Service could have been better. We went on a busy night and it showed. We ordered spring rolls that never came, we wanted another bowl, only got one pair of chopsticks, and needed more water. Never was able to flag anyone down for these things so we just had to do without. In their defense, there was some vegan event going on so I'll give them a pass this time.

They also had some delectable vegan desserts that I will have to indulge in next time!
Lynda N.
Silver Spring, MD
Best Bun Bo Hue broth ever! I think it's fantastic that they're able to take iconic Vietnamese dishes and make them vegetarian/vegan without sacrificing the integrity of each dish.

I am not a vegetarian but, if there's one dish I would choose to have without meat, it would be their Bun Bo Hue. The different flavors wake up your taste buds in the best of ways. Superb!

As someone who grew up on authentic Vietnamese dishes, I've never been a fan on Bun Bo Hue. That is until now.

The Bun Bo Hue Chay alone is enough for me to want to make the trip from MD burbs to VA.

Lemongrass Tofu was also tasty. Solid 4/5. The brown rice that accompanied it was sorta too sticky, glue-y almost. Not a fan of the rice but the other items I tried were definitely worth praise.
Samita J.
Burke, VA
SO good.

You drive up and it looks like a hole in the wall (which are sometimes the best places to eat). It is a small place in the corner next to a 711. The place is relatively big (it wasn't super full). We got to seat ourselves, etc.

We placed an order of the spring rolls and eggplant and tofu pho for the entrees. The spring rolls came out pretty quick. Fresh, delicious and hot.

Our food came out very quickly as well. I had adjusted my meal to my liking and it was perfect. You can't really taste that the meals are vegan. We left the restaurant stuffed. So good and I would definitely go back.
Margaret N.
Baltimore, MD
Looks small from the outside, but inside there's plenty of seating. I'm not vegan or vegetarian, but I still enjoyed everything I had.

Started off with the spring rolls, they substituted a fish cake/tofu as the main ingredient and added tons of fresh vegetable inside- so yummy!! Also had the loving hut salad, which was equally as good and generous in portion size! For my main meal, I had the soba noodles, basically sautéed with tons of veggies (tastes like japchae for my fellow Koreans). Tried the Bon bo hue and loved the clean broth compared to the original one with broth from the fatty meats.

They also serve smoothie bubble teas and sell vegan donuts. Definitely going back to try.
Chanhong L.
Alexandria, VA
In my last review of Loving Hut, I said I would never order anything with soy from here again. I did not keep my promise and ordered the broken rice w/shredded soy & tofu quiche (com tam bi). Fortunately, I did not regret my decision (I'm telling you-shredding soy makes it taste 10x better because the banh mi chay bi at Banh Mi Dc is pretty bomb too). Com tam was my go-to dish at Vietnamese restaurants before I became vegan, so I'm glad Loving Hut has allowed me to continue eating this favorite of mine without any loss of flavor. I'm looking forward to coming back and trying more of their menu options, especially the vegan donut-another vow I have not honored at Loving Hut.
Ann K.
Shrewsbury, MA
Neither my husband and I are vegan, and we def. did not miss the meat!
The salad appetizer sauce was amazing- ask for it on the side. They even offer brown rice, which is cooked beautifully! My husband's clay pot was very nice (the starches get crispy on the bottom ) & my lemongrass tofu dish was very tasty (lemongrass was just the right amount).
So why 4 stars? The vegetables just had way too much sauce and all the tofu is fried. Just because it's vegan doesn't mean it's healthy...
Overall, we will be coming back again and again to try more!
Megan L.
Falls Church, VA
Not a hard location to spot if you know the area well enough- parking may be a little tight but there was no trouble finding one! I'm not a vegan but this place hits the jackpot on the authenticity of the traditional Vietnamese flavors. Decor isn't too crazy- simple enough because the food makes up for it. I liked how they also sold vegetarian goodies by the cashier (pastries, donuts, dried goods, etc.)

My mom and I both shared summer rolls which to my surprise tasted so delicious with the substitution of veggie ham in replacement of shrimp. I'd give this a definite two thumbs up. We had the golden vermicelli (bun cha gio thit nuong) and lemongrass tofu & mixed vegetables to share. As for the vermicelli bowl, you can see the steam coming from the noodles that just got cooked so it a pleasant mix with the cold lettuce and cucumber. The meat itself was delicious as it is soy protein and the golden roll didn't fall short from it either. The sauce for the tofu dish was perfect and complimented the vermicelli bowl . We mixed both of the dishes together to share and it was perfect... even though we ate all of the veggies and skipped out on some of the vermicelli to save room heh.

Wonderful place to get your Vegan on! You can't even taste the difference in some of these dishes and they do an amazing job on keeping the authenticity of Vietnamese food.
Alina T.
Hyattsville, MD
Love this place! The staff there is very friendly and the foods here is amazing! It is really worth the drive for the bun bo hue chay! SUPER YUMMY!
Kathy N.
Chantilly, VA
Love the concept and the variety in the menu! I was very impressed by the extensive menu options and was especially impressed with the fact that they could successfully recreate these traditional Vietnamese dishes. My first visit was great and the novelty of vegan vietnamese food was definitely a good experience.

The interior is very open and clean with very interesting decor - pictures of vegan celebrities on the walls? Interesting, for sure. We're usually seated quickly and the service is very friendly and helpful in the beginning, but it deteriorates a little after that.

As for the food, the Golden Rolls (cha gio) is a solid appetizer - no complaints! The Vietnamese iced coffee (ca phe sua da) is also pretty good although I'd prefer normal Vietnamese iced coffee. My favorite dish so far is the Bun Hue, which is their take on Bun Bo Hue, a rich and spicy soup made with beef, lemon grass, shrimp paste and topped with lots of fresh herbs and lime. The Bun Hue has all the flavors and spices that you would expect. Although it's slightly on the sweeter side, it still satisfies my tastebuds. I also like the Crispy Noodles (mi xao don) and Mixed Vegetables - the texture of the noodles are softer than regular noodles in mi xao don, but still has a nice crunch. My least favorite menu item is the Clay Pot Rice - I liked the rice itself, but the toppings were bland.

Overall, the food was more savory and flavorful than I expected it to be, but the dishes got a little old after my first visit. Growing up, my family often ate Vietnamese vegetarian dishes, so I'm not new to imitation meat. The meat substitutes here are good in small portions, but I eventually get tired of it especially since they give you quite a lot of soy protein!

Nonetheless, even if you're the slightest bit interested in trying a vegan take at Vietnamese food classics, I'd recommend trying Loving Hut.
Victoria D.
Fairfax, VA
After hearing many good things about this place from friends I decided to try it out, and it did not disappoint. I got the bun bo hue. My oh my, did this blow me away. I thought it was merely impossible to replicate a beef both without beef but somehow they managed to do this and do it well. I definitely want to come back to try more items on their menu. They have a wide variety of Vietnamese and American food. Definitely recommend!
Keisha B.
Washington, DC
Truly a hidden gem!!! This place is not fancy schmancy and could probably use a thorough wipe down but the food is awesome. The prices are very reasonable and they have a good selection where you can't go wrong with what you choose. It gets pretty crowded at night and it's not that big of a restaurant so there may be a wait. Definitely check this place out for affordable all vegan eats!!!!
Stacey M.
Perris, CA
Delicious Vietnamese cuisine. I really enjoyed the seafood soup and the club sandwich. I am definitely coming back.

Service was slow because they only had 1 person serving and taking orders
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