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Are you looking for a delicious, traditional and unique way to enjoy eggs? A deliciously savory snack that’s popular in many parts of Asia, century egg (known as“皮蛋”/pidan) has a strong flavour and crunchy texture that will surprise your taste buds. Making century egg is a straightforward process requiring some patience and skilful dexterity with equipment, but it’s definitely worth trying out! In this blog post we’ll show you exactly how to make century egg using simple steps so you can start enjoying them quickly. So let’s dive right in!

What Is Century Egg?

Century egg, also known as thousand year old egg, is a traditional Chinese delicacy that has been around for centuries. It is made by preserving duck eggs in an alkaline solution of clay, salt and ash for several months before being eaten.

The resulting product looks quite different from how the original egg appeared. The white part of the egg turns into a dark green-black colour, while the yellow part of the egg turns into a jelly-like consistency.

If you want to know how to make century eggs. Please continue the sharing right below. We will help you make century eggs easily!

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What Is Century Egg?

What Kind Of Eggs Are Used To Make Century Eggs?

The most commonly used eggs for making century eggs are duck eggs. This type of egg is larger than a regular chicken egg and has more flavour, so it really helps to bring out the unique taste of a century egg.

What Flavor Do Century Eggs Have?

Century eggs have a complex and unique flavor that is quite different from how fresh eggs taste. The strong umami taste comes from the salt, ash, clay and other ingredients used in the preservation process. It is also combined with a slight sweetness, which balances out the savoriness of the egg.

Health Benefits Century Egg

Century eggs are a good source of protein, essential vitamins and minerals. They also contain antioxidants that can help to protect your body from damage caused by free radicals. Additionally, the salt content in century eggs helps to balance out your electrolytes and maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

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Health Benefits Century Egg

How Long Does It Take To Make Century Eggs?

The process of making century eggs can take anywhere from weeks to months, depending on how strong the alkaline solution is and how long you decide to age the eggs. Generally, the longer it takes for an egg to be cured and aged, the more flavourful it will be when eaten.

Ingredients Make Century Egg

To make century eggs, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Duck eggs
  • Ash
  • Salt
  • Clay
  • Baking soda (optional)

After preparing all the ingredients, let’s start learning how to make century eggs right away!

How To Make Century Egg?

  1. Start by sterilizing your duck eggs and then submerging them in a solution of ash, salt and clay. The ratio of ash to salt should be 2:1, while the clay should make up around 1/3 of the mixture.
  2. Allow the eggs to sit in the alkaline solution for 3-4 weeks. During this time, the eggshell will start to become darker and harder as it absorbs the minerals from the solution.
  3. Carefully remove the eggs from the solution and rinse them off with cold water.
  4. Place the eggs in a container of baking soda for 1-2 weeks or until desired level of hardness is achieved (you can test this by pressing gently on the eggshell). This step is optional, but it helps to give the eggshell an extra crunchy texture.
  5. Finally, remove the eggs from the baking soda and allow them to dry for several days before eating or storing in a cool, dry place.

And there you have it – how to make century egg! With a little bit of patience and practice, you can easily whip up this traditional delicacy in your own kitchen. So why not give it a try? You’ll be delighted by the unique flavor and texture of this Chinese classic! Bon appetit!

Tips For Making Century Egg

After you know how to make century egg, please note the following century egg making tips to make the dish more delicious!

  • One important tip to remember when making century eggs is to always use high-quality ingredients. This will ensure that the end result has the best possible flavor and texture.
  • It’s also a good idea to check on your eggs regularly throughout the curing process so you can remove them from the solution at just the right time.
  • For best results, store the century eggs in a cool and dry place. This will help to preserve their flavor and texture for longer.
  • If you are using duck eggs, it’s important to allow them to fully cool down before starting the curing process. This will help to prevent cracking of the eggshell.

How To Store century Egg?

Once cured, century eggs can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 months. To maximize their shelf-life, wrap them in plastic or place them in an airtight container before storing. Century eggs should also be consumed within 2 days of being opened, as they will quickly lose their flavor and texture if left out for too long.

Nutrition In Century Egg

Century eggs are a good source of protein, essential vitamins and minerals. They are also low in calories and contain antioxidants that can help to protect your body from damage caused by free radicals. Additionally, the salt content in century eggs helps to balance out your electrolytes and maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

how to make century egg
how to make century egg

How Many Calories Century Egg?

On average, one century egg contains around 100 calories. However, this can vary depending on how it has been prepared and how much additional ingredients are included in the dish.

FAQ: Information About Century Egg

Do I need to boil century egg?

Experience a centuries-old gastronomic culture and enjoy the unique flavor of century eggs, made with an easy three to four week process. Submerge them in an alkaline solution, then dry before feasting on this delicacy where boiling is not required!

How long can salt preserve food?

Salt isn’t just an essential ingredient for a delicious dish – it is also remarkable in preserving food! With appropriate storage, salted meals can last for months of juicy goodness.

Why is it called century egg?

Ever wonder why the infamous century egg got its name? Well, it’s due to the curing process which takes approximately 100 days – a throwback to Ancient Rome where they measured time in ‘centuries’. Quite an impressive moniker for one of Asia’s tastiest treats!

Is century egg raw or cooked?

For over two millennia, the century egg has been a revered delicacy. It is prepared with an artful slowness – requiring 100 days of curing to reach its iconic flavor and texture, akin to how many ancient Roman centuries were measured! Nicknamed for this precise process, it remains a popular treat today.

Do century eggs expire?

Enjoy the rich and piquant flavor of century eggs with just a few simple tips – keep them chilled to ensure maximum freshness, then consume within two days for an exceptional taste sensation.

Does century egg have salmonella?

Enjoy an ancient culinary experience with century eggs – the savory and aromatic Chinese delicacy! Taking care to safely prepare, handle, and cure these unique ingredients will ensure a delicious treat free of any unwanted bacteria.

Who eats century eggs?

Rich in history and exotic flavor, century eggs have been an integral part of Asian meals for centuries – delighting taste buds around the world. Now these unique culinary creations are gaining global recognition, serving to introduce a sense of adventure into every dish!

Are century eggs expensive?

If you’re looking to give your taste buds a unique experience, why not try century eggs? Prices may vary depending on the location and freshness of these delicacies, so it’s worth taking some time to find an option that fits your wallet. Enjoy!

Why does century egg turn black?

Witness a marvel of science! An ordinary egg can be transformed into a fascinating black one with the help of an alkaline solution. A captivating chemical reaction takes place while curing, altering its proteins and fats to create this remarkable color-changing effect!

What kind of egg is century egg?

Century eggs are usually made from duck or chicken eggs. However, they can also be made from quail and other types of poultry eggs.

Conclusion: How To Make Century Egg

Century eggs are a traditional delicacy that has been enjoyed in China for centuries. Making them at home is relatively easy with the right ingredients and a bit of patience. They offer an interesting flavor, texture, and nutritional benefits. Be sure to store them correctly and consume within 2 days of opening for optimal freshness! Overall, century eggs are a unique and delicious treat to enjoy with friends and family. Give them a try today!

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